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Being recruited to play volleyball in college can be tough.
I hope these blog posts can helpful!

Announcement to Recruiting Clients

Current, and future volleyball recruiting clients are in good hands while I am the BYU Women’s Volleyball Assistant Coach through the 2015 season. Kaipo “Fresh” Tagaloa will be the primary contact during the period, with help from ACC President Rick Paine.

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How Do You Get Better, Faster?

  Once a young athlete gets turned on to a sport, they want to eat, sleep and breathe that sport! Volleyball is a wonderful sport because it's both physically challenging, and just plain fun. Lots of young athletes catch the bug and can't think about anything but...

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Bad Club Coaches and Other Frustrations

Ever had a bad club or high school volleyball coach? They don't communicate with players or parents, they don't know what they're doing, players are in positions they don't know and don't want to play and the coach is playing favorites. Any of that sound familiar?...

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College Recruiting Help

Feeling Overwhelmed? For those of you entering the big stage of the college recruiting process, it can be very overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, etc... especially if you are doing it for the first time! You probably have many questions, like how do I start? How...

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Be Seen In February!

The coaches you’re wanting to play for are likely at the tournaments you’re playing in – and if not the head coach, one of the assistants are probably there. Do they have your name and schedule?

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Q&A: Online Profiles

Question: I want to sign up for a volleyball recruiting service that posts my gameplay stats to their database, and then tells me which schools they think I qualify to play for. Do coaches recruit their players from player database websites? Will my profile be seen...

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Top 5 Ways to Get Noticed by Coaches

We see it all the time as coaches - girls with lots of talent who don't get selected, and don't know why.   And believe me, we hear it from their parents too! But talent isn't the only thing a coach is looking for. Here are five things any girl can start doing...

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When Is It Too Late To Get Recruited?

Often a young adult doesn’t know until their Junior or Senior year that they want to play volleyball in college. Is it too late to get on a good college team as a Senior in High School? Yes and no, but mostly no – it’s not too late. You’re definitely at a disadvantage, but all is not lost!

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