I’m so excited to be back working for my volleyball families to get their athletes recruited!

It was so wonderful to be back at my alma mater as a coach and seeing so many old friends. I really love our worldwide volleyball family! We made it to the Sweet 16 in Lexington, Kentucky, losing a hard-fought battle against eventual National Champions and my previous full-time coaching team Nebraska! Interestingly, several other very good teams went out that same round – previous champions Penn State, plus UCLA and Wisconsin.

We also won the West Coast Conference and finished the season 28-4 behind an impressive effort by a team that really got along with each other better than I’ve seen many teams get along. And it continually reminds me that there are really great players at all levels of volleyball and on so many teams.

Getting Recruited to the Right Team

As I’ve seen so many times in my volleyball career, as a player and coach, good team chemistry is so important. A big part of my recruiting service is helping players really look at schools and think about what they really want. Sure, most every player has that dream school. For some it’s the last national champ – a Nebraska, Penn State or Stanford. Other players look more at regions they want to stay in. But it happens so often that the school they end up attending and absolutely loving wasn’t even on the radar before starting their search with me!

What’s sad for me to see are players who end up at a school where they don’t get along with their team, or their coach doesn’t like them or play them, or for whatever reason it’s just not a good fit. That’s why I’m proud of the service I offer with ACC Recruits – I’m your resource until you graduate college. If you aren’t fitting in with the school you chose, we can work on why that is, and if maybe it’s something you can change about your situation before looking at other schools. I always try to help improve the situation where you are first before we look at moving.

But if we’ve tried everything and you decide you need to change schools mid-way through your career, I’m here for you!

Give me a call if you’d like to learn more about what I can do for you!