BYU Coaching Position Accepted On Temporary Basis

About-Charlene-ThumbnailI am honored and grateful to be the new Assistant Volleyball Coach for BYU! The position is temporary, just through this 2015 season, finishing sometime in December. But because of this new position as a Division 1 college coach, I have to temporarily resign as the Director of Volleyball for American College Connection until my contract ends at BYU.

In the meantime, my son, Kaipo (Fresh) Tagaloa, will fill in for me and communicate with current athletes and new ACC volleyball athletes. Rick Paine, the President of ACC, will also help out where needed.

New and Potential Volleyball Recruiting Clients

I have been training and working with Kaipo for over a year now while he finishes up his college degree, coaches volleyball and plays DI volleyball. Kaipo is very capable of starting the recruiting process. For anyone considering using my services to find a good fit for their talent level, Kaipo will take care of you. As mentioned above, I will be back in the process by January, 2016 and, with Kaipo’s help, will do my best to help you play at a college or university that’s right for you.

For new clients, Kaipo will review video and statistics and provide initial coaching on the recruiting process – something he is well versed at. Because the season is relatively short, I will be full-time involved again before long and able to fill in any gaps.

Contact During the Season

For current clients, I will not be able to have direct contact with you during the season. However, Kaipo will discuss progress with me, and I will be giving him guidance on how to work with you, if needed. On more complicated issues, Rick Paine is more than capable of providing assistance.

NCAA rules are very strict about contact with potential players, and if I am in contact with my clients during the season, the NCAA will see this as a coach having illegal contact, not as a recruiter working with clients. If you have any concerns, please contact Rick Paine at, or Kaipo directly on our Contact page.

About BYU Women’s Volleyball

Let me tell you why I took this position. When I was still in high school, I knew I wanted to play for BYU. My career there as a Setter was a wonderful experience. I love the school, the people there and the way they play volleyball.

Last December, BYU played Penn State in the championship match. BYU entered the tournament unseeded, and is the first team in history to go from unseeded to the title match. I traveled from Ohio to the tournament to watch that match. While it was heartbreaking to lose, it was such a thrill to be there in the title game. We want to return again this year and win it all!

I am honored to have been inducted into the BYU Athletic Hall of Fame in 2006, and would absolutely love to add “National Champion, 2015” to that resume! Coach Olmstead is an outstanding coach and so great to work with, the girls are tremendous athletes and I’m very excited for the next few months. And one of my recruiting clients is on the team!

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