College Recruiting in February

To all Freshmen volleyball players and older wanting to play volleyball in college, now is the time to get your information to college coaches! The coaches you’re wanting to play for are likely at the tournaments you’re playing in – and if not the head coach, one of the assistants are probably there. Do they have your name and schedule? Do they know about you? How will they know to watch for you?

Coach Charlene at the University of Nebraska

Coach Charlene at the University of Nebraska

Let’s make sure they do know who you are and that they’re coming to YOUR court to watch YOU play… 🙂

I often get calls from coaches asking about players I’ve coached as part of USA Volleyball. It is much easier for college coaches and their staff to start narrowing their list of girls to watch early on. Even if a player isn’t a star yet as a freshman in high school, if they know about her, know her desire to play, and if they’ve heard about her attitude from club and/or high school coaches, they WILL take the time to keep an eye on you.

I can help you have an advantage during your recruiting process by watching your game footage myself, talking to you and your parents and starting conversations between you and coaches. And I can open up possible schools you may not have considered.

This past month, I spent a lot of time sending emails to coaches with girls’ schedules at tournaments, and let me tell you – they not only appreciate getting a heads-up about a player, but they really like knowing something about them from my analysis and conversations with the player. American College Connection recruiting is definitely not just a post-your-profile company. Not to brag, but… 🙂  coaches just don’t get emails from Olympians and former D-I coaches offering a player profile and recommendation complete with personal evaluations.

But more importantly, this is a big month for any Freshman volleyball player wanting to play in college. Sure, you can start later in high school, but just think of the advantage you’ll have letting college coaches track your career through high school!

Contact me to find out how I can help you have that advantage, and get college coaches watching your tournament play!