I want to sign up for a volleyball recruiting service that posts my gameplay stats to their database, and then tells me which schools they think I qualify to play for. Do coaches recruit their players from player database websites? Will my profile be seen there?

Tammy J., Pocatello, ID



College coaches generally do NOT look at High School and Club statistics!

The main reason they don't is that they are unreliable. Stats are normally taken by a player on the bench, and the player would much rather be watching the game than writing down numbers. Or it is a player that just subbed out and they're thinking about their own performance and not paying attention to writing down numbers.

Or, sometimes stats are taken by parents in the stands, and they are paying more attention to their daughter and padding stats so their daughter can get more game time.

More importantly, the coach knows almost nothing about you from statistics. Successful teams aren't built entirely from players that showed good stats in high school. There is leadership to consider, on-court presence, coach-ability, attitude and so many other factors.

If you are already in contact with coaches you want to play for and are having regular communications with them, an online profile service can be helpful. But if you don't have those communications yet, or would like to expand the pool of options available to you, you need a real recruiting company that can start those conversations for you.


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If you aren't already having regular communications with the coach you want to play for, a true recruiting company can help.