You might be surprised how often I get calls from girls in their senior year who are just realizing they want to play volleyball in college. The world of college sports recruiting is a very complex one – even more complicated than simply getting into a college!

Often a young adult doesn’t know until their Junior or Senior year that they want to play volleyball in college. Is it too late to get on a good college team as a Senior in High School? Yes and no, but mostly no – it’s not too late. You’re definitely at a disadvantage, but all is not lost! First, let’s look at what you have going for you as a Senior in High School:

  • You’re more mature and can make more informed decisions about your future
  • Your body is more mature, showing what you’re capable of
  • Chances are you’ve finished growing, so you know what position you can realistically play
  • If you’ve made the decision to play in college, chances are much better you’ll stick to that decision

The disadvantages can be significant depending on your goals – but we can work through them! They are:

  • Most teams have recruited their teams already, and have a roster set for the next few years at least
  • Coaches are looking at girls much younger than you at that point
  • Last minute college admissions are challenging
  • You’re not only competing to make the team, but you’re competing against back-ups the coach has in mind in case a player gets injured

If you’re trying to get through the recruiting maze alone as a late Junior or Senior, you’re really going to have to aim local and with less prominent teams. You’ll need to figure out how to meet a coach and talk about your situation – something that’s really difficult, even for a local coach.

What I recommend for Seniors wanting to play

Unless you have a local coach you’re already in contact with, I definitely recommend using my services. This is a situation where I am indispensable. I know what you need to get together in a hurry, and as your contact with coaches, I can have conversations with coaches that a late-coming player won’t.

I recommend you get super busy collecting game footage. As part of my services with ACC, we create a highlight video for you to go along with some of your best games.

I also suggest you give me a call as soon as possible. You’re up against the clock, and the sooner we get started, the better your chance of landing somewhere where you’ll be happy. There are still many possibilities for a coach-able, talented girl. We just have to dig harder and faster to find them.

Should I just give up?

Of course not! Your college playing career may not be what you dreamed it would, but there are still great things you can do. It might be that you play for a junior college your freshman year, then look to transfer to a four-year college and team. In fact, there are many advantages of going this way!

You also might find yourself at a great school, but playing in a back up role for a while.

None of that matters if your goal is to have fun playing volleyball! There’s always a place for a hard-working, talented girl with motivation. But let’s get started right away!


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